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Too Many Unfit Candidates?

Most recruiters report that at least 50% of job hunters don't possess the basic qualifications for the jobs they are pursuing.

* Wall Street Journal

On average about 250 resumés are sent in for every job opening.

As a recruiter you're wasting costly time on job hunters who aren't qualified. Who lack motivation. Who don't seem to know anything about your company or the seat that needs to be filled. Candidates who are definitely not fit for the job.

You spend hours to sift through stacks of CV's trying to find the right people. All the time knowing that the applicants best ability might as well lay in carefully crafting a fitting resumé instead of in living up to the job at hand.

And once you finally found those new colleagues, up to half of them will be gone by the end of the year. So instead of maximizing your company's performance, your job starts all over to fill those seats yet again!

Recruitment Facts

Some Chilling Numbers About Filling Job Openings


spend reading your job posting


Resumés on each job posting


Of recruiting efforts fail within a year


"minimal cost of a bad hire" says 41% of companies

So What's Job Quiz?

Job Quiz Validates Candidates Before they Apply!

By verifying qualifications and testing the candidates ability to deal with sample work situations, Job Quiz cuts off those applicants that are obviously unfit. Giving you back your valuable time to focus on selecting the best person for the job!
Here's how it works:

  • 1. The Job Opening

    After posting a job opening on your website, you get a big surge of job hunters.
    But instead of applying immediately, they first need to complete a test, a Job Quiz.

  • 2. The Job Quiz

    Job hunters are questioned about their qualifications and are presented with sample work problems that need to be fixed. (What does that look like? Like this!)

  • 3. The Validation

    The ones that don't qualify or do not score well in the work sample tests end the test with a kind thank you note and best wishes.

  • 4. The Application

    Only motivated, qualified people are delivered to the application form or your Applicants Tracking System. They know about the job and the tasks that come with it.

Who Uses Job Quiz

You Are in Great Company

Job Quiz helps recruiters who have to deal with too much applications and/or a high employee turnover rate.

Job Quiz is built on the Branching Stories e-learning platform.
Great companies like Booking.com, Schiphol and QPark use Branching Stories to help their employees perform better and improve the embedding of company culture.

Why Use Job Quiz?

Benefits Of Using Job Quiz to Pre-validate Candidates

Stop losing time and effort

There's no more need to spend too much valuable time on unqualified job hunters and unfit applications.

Stop throwing away Money

Candidates who pass through Job Quiz are worth your investment. They know about the job, they want to be part of your company culture and they're with you for the long haul.

Get back to work

Finding the best in a group of great candidates is not the same as weeding out the chaff. Job Quiz helps you get to the people you are actually looking for so you can do your job better!

Plays anywhere

Whether you have a dedicated "Work With Us" website or job openings on your regular site, Job Quiz plays along nicely. It delivers validated candidates, and their score, wherever you want.

Watch the gate

Job Quiz is NOT pre employment testing. It's pre application testing! Recruiters use it to stop spending valuable time and effort - including pre employment testing - on unfit applicants.

Boost morale

Unfilled seats and job-hopping colleagues are a heavy strain on your people. By lowering time-to-fill and decreasing employee turnover you boost employee morale and significantly improve company culture.

"The best predictor of how someone will perform in a job is a work sample test" *

Laszlo Bock
Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google

Using Job Quiz is Risk Free

90 days money back guarantee!

If Job Quiz doesn't get you better candidates then we do not want to keep your money. The only thing we cannot give back is the time you invest to help us create the best Job Quiz for your job opening.



$179 / month*
  • Co-created with you / your HR department
  • Based on an intake and follow up consultations, both by phone
  • 6 months online, unlimited applicants
  • Daily report by email


$249 / month*
  • Co-created with you / your HR department
  • Based on an intake meeting followed by further sessions of consultation by phone
  • Design matching your corporate identity
  • 1 year, unlimited applicants
  • Daily report by email
  • Monthly evaluation and improvements


$799 / month*
  • Co-created with you, your HR department or based on meetings with your colleagues in the same function as the job posting
  • Based on an intake meeting and 2 follow up meetings
  • Design matching your corporate identity
  • Custom photoshoot
  • 1 year, unlimited applicants
  • Daily report by email
  • Monthly evaluation and improvements
  • White labeled


* 1 Year contract. Prices based on meetings in The Netherlands/Belgium or video conferencing meetings. Don't hesitate to contact us for custom quotes!

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